Why Choose Us?


Hammond Robertson Ltd, partnering with SBH Enterprises Ltd, are New Zealand's experts on Freedom Camping issues, problem solving and regulation training. 

We provide councils with a full package of Freedom Camping support services, assisting and enabling communities to reap the benefits of Freedom Camping, whilst managing environmental and community impacts.  Our services include:

  • Training of enforcement officers
  • Training of regulatory staff
  • Development and reviews of bylaws
  • Reviews of regulatory systems
  • Development of Freedom Camping strategic plans

David Hammond is frequently sought out by Mayors and Chief Executives for his advice, speaks regularly in the media on issues experienced by local government agencies, and has been a leading identity in the Freedom Camping arena for several years.

David is currently leading the bylaw development process for Nelson City Council.  His approach is to work with councils on a range of methods so that Freedom Camping is not just seen as a problem - but also as an opportunity for economic gain.

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Our Services


training of enforcement officers

Steve Hart provides fun and engaging training sessions for front line staff and enforcement officers in Freedom Camping management.  Our training package includes:



  • The bylaw and Freedom Camping Act 2011.
  • The legality of warning and infringement notices.
  • Statistical reporting.
  • Enforcement Policy - when, where, how and who.
  • Delegations and warrants.
  • Infringement Waiver Policy - common excuses and defenses.
  • Relationships with stakeholders - NZMCA, rental companies, tourism boards, Iwi, reserve groups, neighbours of designated areas.
  • Targeted communication, signage design, layout and locations, website information.


  • Targeted patrols.
  • Responding to complaints.
  • Customer focused approach.
  • Enforcement officer and front line staff safety.
  • Infringement accuracy and details.
  • Evidence collection.
  • Statistical reporting.
  • Building relationships.
  • Implementation of enforcement.

Bylaw reviews | bylaw site assessments & development

David Hammond leads the development of Freedom Camping bylaws and reviews of regulatory methods to manage Freedom Camping.

David's approach is to combine bylaw development (through a consultative approach) with undertaking a site assessment of the district or city as the basis for the bylaw and work-shopping with council.  From there, David develops a bylaw tailor-made to suit each district or city.


freedom camping strategic plans

David Hammond has pioneered the development of Freedom Camping strategic planning in New Zealand.  The development of a regulatory approach is only one part of Freedom Camping management.  We will work with you to create a Strategic Plan that works to achieve the opportunity of Freedom Camping, whilst managing the environmental and community impacts.

David's balanced approach and research basis includes: reviewing public and business feedback, views of the RTO, council service requests and complaints, analysis of existing space at peak times within carparks and campgrounds, and collaboration with rental camper-van companies.

Our strategy development process assesses the different regulatory approaches and provides solutions in signage, information, regulation, partnerships and backing council campgrounds.

How We Work

Hammond Robertson Ltd works with councils both in New Zealand and Australia.


Step 1:   An initial no-obligation discussion around your community's needs.

Step 2:   A visit of your city or district to present to elected members and staff.

Step 3:   A formal proposal, tailor-made for your community is then developed.  


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The following prices are in NZ Dollars and are exclusive of travel, accommodation and GST.


Desktop Review:  $2,000

A desktop review of your bylaw, supporting maps and information.  Report developed and returned.


1-Day onSite Visit:  $2,000

A 1-day visit to your council - including workshop with senior staff and/or elected members.


Training WORKSHOP: $2,000

A 1-day onsite training workshop for regulatory staff. 


bylaw review package: $10,000

A 3-day visit including workshop and review of current bylaw, regulatory systems and information on freedom camping with report developed.



Scope of work and costings will be provided via a written quote after an initial consultation via phone or Skype.


Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.